NPAMC’s ultimate goal is to protect the public by greatly reducing the rate of crime related to alcohol misuse in the United States.

To foster this, NPAMC provides an open forum for research and debate − free of traditional bureaucratic restraint or political limitations. Because of this, NPAMC is unique in our commitment to identifying areas of agreement among the entire range of stakeholders including:

  • Government agencies
  • Judges
  • Prosecutors
  • Defense attorneys
  • Probation officers
  • Corrections agencies
  • Community corrections officials
  • Researchers
  • Think tanks
  • Private industry

With participation from every stakeholder, NPAMC is uniquely positioned to educate the criminal justice system about the most promising best-practice solutions. We capture the views of our participating organizations in Consensus Statements that reflect the sense of the group, even if some participants do not subscribe to the specifics of each statement or policy. NPAMC’s Board also issues Board Resolutions representing its views.